Off Leash Dog Park 
One hour in duration, this is not a stroll though the concrete jungle but rather a stimulating mental and physical adventure! 

On a group walk, your dog will visit the Fort Saskatchewan Off Leash Park with up to a max of 4 other dogs.  Under the watchful eye of one of our trusted walkers, dogs are free to run off leash, swim, play and burn off some of that excess energy.

On a group walk we never miss an opportunity to reinforce good recall and good manners.
Only socialized, dog-friendly dogs are taken on group trips.  

First time at the park for your pup? 

We always make sure we match your dog with suitable, well socialized dogs that can teach your dog healthy park and socializing behaviors.  

Frequent Walker Club
4+ walks a week - $20 per walk
3 walks a week - $23 per walk
Casual Walker Club (1-2 walks per week)
25.00 per walk
Add Value Savings - Additional pet siblings are only $10 per walk

*prices do not include GST and are subject to change*

Our services are available on weekends and over holidays with advanced booking, and subject to our availability. 
Please add a $2 surchage to all weekend walks and pet visits.
Please add a $5 surchage to all holiday walks and pet visits.