Puppy and Senior Dog Visits 
A young pup can suffer from two things—separation anxiety and a small bladder. The visits ease both issues. By providing a regular, reliable schedule for your puppies, they are better prepared to be effectively house or crate-trained and are less likely to display the typical symptoms of separation anxiety.

We will make sure your puppy has a much needed bathroom break and some backyard or around the block exercise. Between visits, accidents can happen so we will make sure anything left from your pet is cleaned up and put away before you come home from work.
Senior dogs can be very happy indoors while you're at work but their bladders don't always agree. Let us come for up to 2 visits during the day so everyone is relieved and happy on your return. 

3+ single visits per week  - $15 per day
3+ double visits per week - $25 per day

Single Visit 

Add Value Savings - Includes up to 3 pets per household

*prices do not include GST and are subject to change*

Our services are available on weekends and over holidays with advanced booking, and subject to our availability. 
Please add a $2 surchage to all weekend walks and pet visits.
Please add a $5 surchage to all holiday walks and pet visits.