Private Walks 
Get your dog out for some much needed mental and physical exercise with one of our trusted walkers.  

Private walks are great for older dogs who need to take it slow, younger dogs who are still focused on learning how to walk on a leash, or dogs who have fearful, reactive or dog aggressive behaviors.

When handling your dog's private walks we are more than happy to reinforce any training you may be working on.
*40 minute walks
Frequent Walker Club
4+ walks a week - $20 per walk
3 walks a week - $23 per walk
Casual Walker Club (1-2 walks per week)
25.00 per walk
Add Value Savings - Additional pet siblings are only $5 per walk

*prices do not include GST and are subject to change*

Our services are available on weekends and over holidays with advanced booking, and subject to our availability. 
Please add a $2 surchage to all weekend walks and pet visits.
Please add a $5 surchage to all holiday walks and pet visits.